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Jun 2, 2005 — I was sorting photos with a friend of mine in our school's Audio/Visual Lab tonight. Music was playing and a DVD was burning on a nearby Apple G5. Five minutes into the burning process a weird buzzing/rattling sound issued from the G5. We looked at eachother, shrugged, and continued sorting. Not having burned many DVDs on those computers, I wasn't sure if it was the disc rattling, one of the fans, or if something was wrong with the computer. It continued intermittently throughout the burning process until finally the disc was done. My buddy went over to start a new DVD and it was then that we discovered what was causing the odd rattly/buzzy sound.

As he swapped DVDs, he noticed something moving and poking out of the holes of the front of the G5.

* If you've never seen the front of a G5 here ya go! *

"A bee!" he says and pushes away from the computer and then grapples back to get a closer look. Sure enough, there was a member of the Hymenoptera family scrambling along the inside front-grill of the G5 trying to get out. He wondered how it got in there and I realized that the fan ports at the back of the machine (also pictured) are large enough for an insect such as itself to squeeze in. The computer was also warm so I'm sure it wanted in. We were constantly swapping DVDs and always worried that at any minute it might find it's way to the DVD bay and fly out. I didn't think Dylan would appreciate the front of the computer being saturated with an insect killer so I let the insect be (no pun intended). It was still inside when I left for the evening and unless it finds it's way out, we'll have a watch-bee guarding our lab for the next few hours until it dies.

Moral of the story: Don't position a G5 in front of an open window on a nice summer day in Oregon. :D

Hey Dylan, could you check and see if my little friend is still around?

DataBind() says:

Sounds like a bug.

rnewhouse says:

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

jpwain says:

Eric the half-feature.

DataBind() says:

Hey Dylan, could you check and see if my little friend is still around?

Say hello to my little friend!

Wirehead says:

We need a license for him.

bob says:

He was just checking for Intel inside.

jpwain says:

So you're saying he was looking for intel on Intel.

DataBind() says:

This thread is spinning wildly out of control.

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