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Aug 13, 2004 — I've been killing myself for days and days on the layout of my links page. Mboffin helped me a bunch with getting everything working browser wise, but I still have this aching question which I need a users viewpoint on.

Which to you would make more sense, be more attractive, not grab your attention, etc.?:

If my link descriptions were staggered like this:

Backcountrysnow.com - My Site
1.com - Just 1
Mboffin.com - Description here.

OR, where the descriptions are all aligned to the same left-margin. I tried to mock it up but it was really really annoying in the posting window and I don't have time to make the real thing.

Any suggestions to how the two colums (one with links and the other descriptions) should look are gladly appreciated.


Dylan says:

Another way to do it would be to do something along the lines of:

This is the description in tinier text.

This is another description in tinier text.

I like that style.

derekz says:

That could perfectly work. It's back to the drawing board...

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